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The Ultimate Used Car Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know & More

Buying a used car makes all the sense in the world - but only if you do it right. Remember this is usually the second biggest purchase you're going to make after a house. You want to do it right. A little ... read more

How To Clean The Interior Of Your Vehicle in 3 Simple Steps

Guest Post from Alex Draghicescu at Clean My Car in Vancouver   read more

Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes

You have probably heard of these common brake replacement parts: pads, shoes, discs, rotors, drums. If you are unsure of what these parts are and what they do, you are in the right place. There are more parts ... read more

Winter Tires vs All Season Tires

We touched on the differences between various types of tires in Tires - Everything You Need to Know but now we are going to dig further into some details. As always in Canada, winter is coming. Now is as good ... read more

Emergency Brake

We are going to take a “brake” from talking about your vehicle’s primary braking system and take a moment to check out the secondary braking system. You’ve likely heard it referred to the emergency brake ... read more

Tires - Everything You Need to Know

Tires are among the most important components of your vehicle. They are the only contact points between your vehicle and the surface you are driving on. They are the final component of the drivetrain (putting ... read more