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On-Site Vehicle Inspections Are A Wise Choice Before You Buy

by Serp Focus | Mar 14, 2018 | Car Care

When it comes to purchasing a car, don't be caught making a poor choice because, like most of us, you don't know much about cars. So an on-site vehicle inspection -- or better yet, a pre-purchase inspection -- is a wise choice before you buy. Because with car prices nowadays being what they are (high), you don't want to purchase a vehicle that has problems you didn't know when you make your decision to buy. This is also a good point where a little research could serve you well. Besides researching the source of the purchase, the car your buying, but also the process itself. So a web browser search for certain keywords and phrases wouldn't go amiss. Search for phrases such as "on-site vehicle inspection," "automobile inspections," "pre-purchase auto inspection," and "how much does it cost to get a car inspected." These searches will provide you with an excellent list of links you can peruse through.


What Are Automobile Inspections, and How Can They Help You?

Whether you are purchasing a new car (seriously), a 'normal' used car or truck, a classic car, an antique or vintage car, custom car or street rod, RV or camper, automobile inspections are worth more than just the peace of mind that you're not buying a lemon. No siree, automobile inspections can save you (sometimes) tons of money. Who hasn't had (or heard about) horror stories of thousands of dollars spent on a vehicle that turns out to have a multitude of problems. Most provinces have extensive 'lemon laws' on the books to protect against purchasing vehicles that have unreported issues. And that's not to say that you are being conned, maybe the owner or the dealership simply didn't notice or know about the pre-existing problems. Of course, sometimes they do and are trying to fool you. Automobile inspections by a qualified and certified automobile mechanic or expert is an integral part of the vehicle buying process.


Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection, a Rider Worth the Money

Let's face facts and be honest, most of us don't know a lick about spotting less-than-obvious problems with cars and trucks. So when entering the car buying process, make sure you demand a pre-purchase auto inspection. Many mechanics, auto shops, and body shops offer these riders that you either agree to pay, or you request the inspection by an independent source from the seller. These necessary inspections will check everything from bumper-to-bumper, inside and out. They'll reveal any issues and provide you with a detailed report of any problems or performance issues. These should be done by a third-party not affiliated with the seller. And get this, there are even mobile pre-purchase auto inspections available where they come to you.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a Car Inspected?

An automobile inspection is worth the money even if you just want to know how your vehicle is doing, but mainly if you are in the purchasing process as either a buyer or seller. As a buyer, it gives you the confidence that you're buying a legitimate vehicle with no problems (or you know about the issues before purchasing). And as a seller, it's wonderful for your reputation that you're not trying to con someone with a lousy product. On average, a standard, detailed vehicle inspection will cost anywhere from $150-$250, depending on where you live.